I believe that in the right environment we remain whole, uninhibited and naturally driven towards the fulfilment of our desires and potential. Often other people’s agendas, anxiety and painful events in our lives can separate us from this forward motion and better judgement.

This can manifest mentally, bodily, emotionally and even dynamically in our careers, habits and close relationships. Creating the right environment together; I work with clients to take an honest look at those emotions and dynamics, putting the unwanted ones back where they belong and ultimately helping my clients get back on track.

Michael is a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (362456) and abides by their Ethical Framework. For him this means having a body who support his work and a code of conduct to work by. For you, this provides a rule on the standards registered therapists must meet; and somewhere to complain if you feel you have been badly treated.

Combining principles of Person-Centred and Psychodynamic counselling, Michael’s Integrative therapy model is focused in delivery, holistic in approach and suitable for both short-term and ongoing work. His experience includes work for the Copleston Creative Therapy Project, MyHealthcare Clinic, the Quaggy Development Trust, Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group and contribution to The Jackal and Pink News.


Sessions (50 min)
£60 Monday to Friday
£70 Saturday
London SE1